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SnakeProtex Gaiters
SnakeProtex Snake Bite Protection
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Product Description
SnakeProtex Gaiters - One Size Fits All

This product was designed for protection from Australian snakes and rigorously tested for performance. Alongside this critical need, the garment had to be tough enough to withstand the harsh Australian environment. Shown below are some of the product features that are incorporated in Snakeprotex™.

The Snakeprotex gaiters must be worn over suitable trousers and boots and definitely should not be worn with low cut shoes. The zip fastens from the top to the bottom so gravity keeps it zipped. The garment should be worn with the zip on the outside of the leg. One horizontal fastening keeps the garment tight around the ankle. A strap under the boot keeps the garment in position vertically, stopping the garment from riding up the leg. The elastic strap has a very hard wearing cover. They’re built tough!

We cannot claim that the product is “snake-proof”. There are too many variables involved for us to claim this. Nor can we guarantee that a snake may not strike the body above the top of the garment, although it would be unlikely from most Australian snakes. It should be noted that even when wearing this prod­uct, common sense should still apply and the wearer should still avoid contact with any venomous species. Snakeprotex is designed to prevent a snake’s fangs penetrating through to the skin.

Extensive testing has shown that large specimens held in captivity were not able to penetrate this protection. On this basis, and with the support of a very experienced herpetologist, we are proud to release this unique outdoor safety product on the Australian market.

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