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Before undertaking any work at height or confined space entry, a risk assessment program should be developed.

Essential components for Fall Protection

1. Harness

Designed to securely support workers in the event of a fall.

Harnesses are available in a variety of materials and styles, designed to suit particular workplace applications  
2. Lanyard and Fall Arrestor

The workers lifeline connects the harness to the anchorage point.

The lanyard or fall arrestor is attached to the connection point of a harness, with the other end attached to an anchorage point preventing the person hitting the ground in event of a fall.


A connection point or structure used to connect a lanyard or fall arrestor.

An anchorage point must be capable of withstanding a force of up to 22kN.


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Height Safety

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Falcon Type 2 Fall Arrestor 10M galv. wire
Falcon (Miller) 10M Fall Arrestor
TR1/7 Miller 7ft Tripod
Miller Tripod 7ft
TR1/9 Miller 9ft Tripod
Miller Tripod 9ft
Falcon Type 2 Fall Arrestor 15M galv. wire
Falcon (Miller) 15M Fall Arrestor
Miller Roof Workers Kit 15M
Miller Roof Workers Kit 15M Lifeline
KASK HP Plus Helmet
KASK Helmet - Australian Standards approved - Riggers /...
Miller Webbing Temporary Static Line 20M
20M Web Static Line with ratchet tensioner.
Retracting Lanyard BL05332.5 - 2.5M Web
Web Retracting Lanyard 2.5M
Roof Workers Kit 15M
B-Safe Roof Workers Kit
Miller TurboLite Personal Fall Limiters 2M
Miller TurboLite Personal Fall Limiters
Miller Anchorage Lifeline 15M with rope grab.
15M Lifeline with rope adjuster grab by Miller
Miller Temporary Static Line 20M
Miller Temporary Static Line 20M
Rescue Master Complete Kit
Millar rescue Master Complete Rescue System
Spyda Temporary Roof Anchor - Screw Fix
Spyda Roof Anchor AP145.10
Miller Grip Temporary Anchorage
Miller Grip Anchor Point

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