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We offer a full range of Scope and Honeywell Safety Glasses and Goggles. Don't just put on any old pair of specs. Get into a comfortable, lightweight pair of safety glasses that will be a pleasure to wear.


Eye Protection

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Scope Pervert  Safety Glasses
Pervert Safety Specs
Scope Thug  Safety Glasses
Thug Safety Specs
Mack Safety Glasses - Polarised B-Double
Polarises Mack Safety Specs - B-Double
Mack Polarised Safety Glasses - Longhaul
Safety Glasses Polarised - Mack Longhaul
Bolle' Sphere Clear Faceshield
Faceshield High Impact Clear Bolle
Baseline Overcoat Clear Specs
Baseline Overcoat Clear Lens Overspec
Scope Velocity Extreme Goggle Clear
Scope Anti-Fog Clear Goggle
Unisafe Browguard / Visor Complete
Browguard/Visor Complete Unit
Bolle Voodoo Brown Polarised Lens Safety Glasses
Polarised Safety Glasses by Bolle
Bolle Sidewinder Grey Polarised Lens Safety Glasses
Grey lens polarised safety glasses by Bolle
Bolle Hustler Polarised Grey Lens Safety Glasses
Hustler polarised safety glasses by Bolle
Bolle Voodoo Smoke Lens Polarised Safety Glasses
Voodoo smoke lens polarised safety glasses by Bolle
Unisafe Shade 5 Flip-Up Welding Goggle
Welding Goggle Shade 5 Flip-Up Lens
Maxx Pro Safety Goggles Clear Lens
Sperian Safety Goggles Indirect Vent

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